Towards an Embodied Experiential Knowledge

Beyond our rational and analytical knowledge, we can access another more intuitive, more creative mode of knowledge that comes out of our known and limiting patterns. This other mode reorients and reorganizes the way we think about, approach and experience “reality”.

Where to find this new knowledge and how to access it? Does the body have a particular role to play in this process? The focusing experience leads us to give an affirmative answer. However which body are we talking about? We move from a dense, physical body to a more subtle body that we can touch from within and feel through finer and finer attention.

Learning to listen to the body with Focusing means developing our ability to place consciousness there and allow the living to emerge so that what is frozen, opaque, suffering is released. Here we are touching a sensitive, perceptual body open to a new informational field, because experiencing speaks to us of how our being and the world are entangled and interconnected. The body, through our keen sensitivity, becomes the interface between the known and the unknown, the explicit and the implicit, the namable and the undefined. Our consciousness and our knowledge expand to give rise to a lighter, brighter experience, filled with deep joy. Each cell in our body can thus drink from the source nourishing our true being, in an invigorating connection to others and to the universe.