Awaken your spirituality

An experiential exploration into the meaning and significance that spirituality has for you. Through Focusing you have direct access to what is important to you about your spiritual connection. What sustains you and how does it support you? How does it manifest in your life? What qualities does it have? What does it need, so it can be nurtured, attended to, and grow? Although unique to you, how much common ground do we share? How does your spiritual connection serve the world?

We will explore some of these questions through Focusing in pairs, TAE, group sharing and creative self-expression.
When you have access to your spiritual connection, you offer this to the world.


Fiona Parr is a TIFI Certifying Coordinator. She says that spiritual life is important to her, and she finds that Focusing supports her spiritual practice. In 2020 she offered a webinar with TIFI on Focusing and Practical Spirituality, where she highlighted how you can bring spiritual qualities to enhance your Focusing practice. She also contributed a chapter to ‘Senses of Focusing’.