The body of its space

This workshop is pure experiencing. 

It invites you to explore what is the interaction between your inner space and outer, how your conscious body interacts in different situations that I will propose to you to experiment and to live.  In Asia, we speak of body-mind.

You could learn a lot about yourself from these situations: how you live inside of you outside situations.

The workshop invites us to become aware of how our body experiences internally and externally a situation beyond words, beyond mental representations, and how we can be in the midst of our fresh and living experience.

Come in casual wear as we are going to put the conscious body in motion.

You do not need to be an expert in Focusing to participate in this workshop.

The workshop is limited to 16 people.


Nga Bui has been accompanying and training in ACP-Focusing for almost 10 years. Her Asian origins have led her to explore the interaction between body and mind, and between inner and outer space, notably through Japanese movement art (Kinomichi by Master Noro) and also mindfulness meditation. /consciousness.


 She is passionate about finding inner truth beyond words, beyond mental representations.