Felt sense and Body Movement Intelligence

In this workshop, I want you to discover Somatic Coaching the way Josette Lépine invented it: introduce the embodied movement in coaching and therapy to facilitate change.

We invite our clients to “embody” their preoccupations. The person takes a shape that embodies the sensations and movements associated to the issue and we go along with them.


Like in Focusing, we pay close attention to what is happening in a welcoming, non-judgmental attitude, fully present ourselves with our body and our intuition. So, we let it evolve to let movements and sensations live the transformations that develop and reveal new insights and changes.

Most of the exercises take place in silence to avoid intrusion or thoughts and analysis during the instant of the experience and live full space to feelings and spontaneous expression of the body.

You will experiment an exercise to embody the specificity of this practice.


Fabienne Pezeu, coach and certified psychologist, is interested in the body in all sorts of life situations : at work, in learning activities, in achieving goals and desires, in changes… and in overcoming life’s difficult situations.

Inspired by bodily practices of interiority as much as by problem-solving coaching, she teaches Somatic Coaching to help practitioners develop body-based practices.