Focusing and inner work with our own “inner characters”. Reflections and experience about the process of Focusing 

Given our broad experience from both a training and a therapeutic point of view we would like to inform and take part of the wide spectrum related to the process of Focusing. Considering the basis of the technique proposed by Gene Gendlin and from Ann Weiser´s stand point of view, where working with “all the parts” has to be considered. Focusing emerges from a so-called humanistic paradigm, being close to a diversity of models where relevant authors set their attention on human growth potential and on experiential contact. From this perspective we want to stand out the main strongholds of Focusing.  We would like to point out and deal specifically on the inner dynamics, on the “inner characters” (a concept that we have forged) and the favorable conditions for the “Aha”, the implicit step – even the jump- to the explicit comprehension where the state of presence and adjustment of the symbol may be essential. 


For us, Mentxu Martin-Aragón and Josep Santacreu, Focusing became an important place for us. We both are psychologists, psychotherapists, long standing certified trainers and we have been closed to it for a long time. From 2004 we merged our lives to run our own workplace, Focusing THuS (where we run training and psychotherapy) in Madrid.  We Have been doing training for over 20 years all over Spain. We hold on our private practice and our jobs as university teachers as well as other contributions on institutions dealing with clinical psychology. We would like to share and propose our thoughts and feelings from our point of view about something that we love so much.