Gendlin’s interaction first’ as environment- centered experiencing

In a collegial Focusing exchange, I would like to present two concepts of how I work with small groups and clients on the current volatile global issues of our time, which affect us all and from which we can no longer deny. With the intelligence of our body, we can support and maintain our sanity in an insane world and contribute to a possible change.

The idea is to hold this workshop outdoors. Both parts of the workshop will include a Felt Sense based exercise to find out what is most appropriate for you at this time.


Part 1: (one hour)

Everyone experiences the collective, man-made problems differently. Yet each of us is part of an interacting system which is out of balance. How are you experiencing the global ecological, political, social dilemmas and climate change? How does the harm done to the world hurts you as if it harms your own body? Do you sometimes get stuck in sadness, discouragement, despair, anger, or existential fear? Although suppressing such feelings is very understandable, they need to be consciously perceived in order to release their energy and use it as a drive to act differently, and to activate behavior and lifestyle changes.

Part 2: (one hour)
Our body as a living entity is continuously in touch with nature as it embodies the knowledge of the earth. How do you like to listen to the elements of nature with your whole body to experience them speaking to you? Where are you drawn and deeply connected to: trees, flowers, herbs, animals, water, earth and land? Which possible changes in small steps in your specific environment would you like to support? It makes a huge difference for you and the earth to use your physical gifts, senses, and feelings to experience friendship, joy, love, and caring for the world around you, marvel the beauty of all living beings amid the devastation and harm. By being Focusing oriented and spontaneously pausing for a few minutes every day and behaving differently than usual, creates carrying-forward effects for us and our earth. Doing it in a very individual way you are comfortable with.

Teresa Dawson, has been a Coordinator and Focusing Trainer in Switzerland since the Nineties’ and has a Practice for individual Focusing sessions in Zurich and virtually over Zoom. Teresa has developed a unique approach in dreaming and TAE (Thinking At the Edge) and given training both internationally and in Switzerland for many years. Now Teresa feels the urgency to combine her long-standing personal passion and commitment with the strength of Focusing to support those affected by environmental disorder, such as climate change, food waste, animal and nature protections, patriarchal abuse of political power. Surrounded by these complex crises in our world Focusing offers support in adjusting and aligning to their present circumstances and conditions, in bearing the unbearable, in gaining confidence for a sane future and maintaining a love for life.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. Arundhati Roy.