Clown & Focusing  

Meeting one’s own clown is modifying the relationship we have with ourselves in order to move towards more tenderness, towards more risk too! And this is precisely where Focusing comes in. By listening to our felt sense, for each game situation proposed (pre-clown games, improvisation, verbalization), Focusing helps us establishing the right relationship with ourselves and with others. 

This is not a workshop where you come to “act like a clown” but an invitation to find resources within yourself, such as active and global listening to the body, authenticity and humor. The meeting of clowning and Focusing is about learning to give substance to our thoughts by letting our imagination speak. 

Based on acting, theatrical improvisation and directing, our approach allows us to better welcome our vulnerability and our own qualities in order to express ourselves in a more creative way. 



Richard COHEN : Psychometrician by training, child, family and couple therapist, consultant, trainer, dramatic artist. 

Marie VERNIZEAU-COHEN : Former senior civil servant, administrator of the Comedy theater in Ferney-Voltaire (France), singer and actress.