This is my song

We all have our song within us. Can I hear it? Can I learn it? So, it will guide me!              
The story of the Himbas, an African tribe who prepares for the birth of a child by knowing his song in order to be guided during his whole life. You didn’t probably grow in an African tribe who sings your song when there are crucial life transitions, but life is reminding you when you are in harmony with yourself and when you are not. When you are feeling well and happy, your song is within you and when you are unhappy, you are without your song.
So, finally we all can recognize our song and sing it. Maybe you are a little rusty in the beginning, but you just need to keep your song to find your way

Diploma IFEF 2016 (2 years ACP and focusing) and ever since practicing, supporting clients and proposing workshops