Tenderness: body, breath and emotion as a path of opening to consciousness

Workshop that invites you to live the experience of awakening body tenderness through EAE (Experiencing Alba Emoting, an emotional activation technique) and Focusing to experience tender love from the body, breathing and facial expression (EAE), allowing the body opens to the implicit of this basic emotion, generating openness and felt change from the tenderness “That allows everything”. In this way, EAE, mindfulness and focusing will be integrated to share what is emerging from this deep experience, which will open us to that world of the implicit of tenderness. We will work with some body exercises, meditation and space for felt symbolization.


I am a ‘seeker of truth and justice’ which has participated for many years communicating values of unity, pluralism and diversity in different areas of human activity, both social, psychological and spiritual. Values transmitted in teaching, research and outreach. Concerns have led me to lead some groups (Communities, encounter groups, intercultural and international groups). Academically, Doctor in Psychology from the University of Chile. I worked for 18 years as a teacher of Pre and undergraduate and graduate degree at the University of Chile and the University of Desarrollo. Meditation instructor (christian and mindfulness) and wushu practitioner and other contemplative disciplines.
Currently psychotherapist and professor at the University San Sebastián (based Santiago), regularly taking courses in Chile and abroad (Germany and Spain). Certified Focusing Trainer and Focusing Oriented Therapy of The International Focusing Institute and Coordinator of the Institute for Chile. Instructor and trainer in method Experiencing Alba emoting, Founder and Director of IFDI Institute (Institute of Transpersonal Integral Training and Development).