From intelligences to bodily consciousness – The felt sense at the service of systemic representations and integrations    

After sharing some contextual elements that led me to explore the notions of collective intelligence and collective field, I will invite you to live a progressive experience allowing to capitalize on the wealthes of this International Conference by leaving the SELF center to go in the center of US. How does movement or collective form activate our bodily sense? How does this impact our sensations, emotions, feelings and perceptions? What does it bring to live a collective experience of consciousness and what is the difference with an experience of collective consciousness? What can it be used for? These are the questions that we will address through multiple experiential loops. We will also take the opportunity to celebrate our learnings and our actions following this congress.


Facilitator & coach, certified in collective intelligence. Topics that fascinate me are: the living, innovation, the collective, the invisible and sacred masculinity. I imagine specific devices to bring groups from 10 to 400 people to answer complex questions by integrating collaborative practices and relying on creative, intuitive and physical methods. I investigate and contribute to the harmonization of family, professional and collective systems. It is close to my heart to make a new creation or manifestation emerge by crossing the path of feeling and the path of experimentation.