At the heart of your inner forest

The practice of Focusing reveals our own way of being in the world, offers our being the possibility to grow. Starting from the representation of a tree, I invite each participant to listen to how they feel about it and to let the tree reflecting their state of mind emerge.
Like a tree in nature, sharing resources can lead to the expansion of our soul.
To the sound of the drum, how can your tree be led to exhilarate, move in this living space and be aroused in the presence of others.
Let us feel, let us vibrate… let’s dance now!


My name is Sylvie Liguori. I have been passionate about my job for thirty years, as a psychiatric nurse. My encounter with Focusing has enabled me to enrich and open up therapy on an individual and group basis. Trained at IFEF in 2012 as a therapist, I started a movement within the hospital, and other people have become involved in this approach. The magic of Focusing is working.  
Magali Ollagnier-Beldame explores the lived experience of encounters between living beings: from human to human and from human to non-human. She leads scientific research at CNRS on those topics, relying on micro-phenomenology and she also investigates this field through psycho-corporal practices such as Person-Centred Approach, Focusing counselling and some shamanic practices.