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Focusing, Thinking at the Edge and Embodied Critical Thinking
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Focusing, Thinking at the Edge and Embodied Critical Thinking

Eugene Gendlin has invested much of his life-time in developing practices as well as a philosophy. The philosophy is inspired by the practice and the practice by the philosophy. 

In my lecture I want to make a strong point that we gain alot if we begin to develop a practice of Focusing and Thinking at the Edge that is deeply informed by Eugene Gendlin’s philosophical approach. 

Both these branches of Gendlin’s life work should not be kept apart. They belong together. They strengthen and they imply each other. I would even like to say: Gendlin’s philosophy opens up an environment of thinking that makes one understand that Focusing is not just self-help, or a Western meditation or a creative practice, but a deeply appropriate practice of being human within an intricate, responsive, vulnerable web of living interactions. In the intellectual environment of an  “official theory“ in which the subjective realm is not relevant for knowledge systems, as the philosopher Gilbert Ryle summarises the basic conviction of our scientific Western culture, the social and political relevance of Focusing cannot be properly understood. Gendlin’s life long work contributes new kinds of basic concepts for process, interdependence, inter-affection in which one can gain an understanding why it makes sense to practice something like Focusing and why it would even seem more and more necessary in the crisis we are bearing today. 

Donata Schoeller

Donata Schoeller is a professor of philosophy, she co-initiated and manages the international research project Embodied Critical Thinking ( With Christiane Geiser, she translated A Process Model into German and wrote a first introduction. Recent publications include Close Talking: Erleben zu Sprache bringen, Saying What We Mean, ed. with Ed Casey, and Thinking Thinking, ed. with Vera Saller. Her doctorate on Meister Eckhart and Jakob Boehme was published in the 2nd edition in 2009. She is a Focusing trainer and teaches Thinking-at-the-Edge at institutes, academies and universities in Europe, the United States and Israel. She has three adult daughters.