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Universal, singular, collective: when the body weaves together the essential dimensions of life
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Universal, singular, collective: when the body weaves together the essential dimensions of life

The overwhelming movement of the material of which a human being is made weaves fundamental links between the power of the living, individuals and their natural and human environment, including the social organizations they have created. A space where a trilogy linking the universal, the singular and the collective dances with grace:

– the universal, through the principles of the living which, upstream of all differences, animate our bodies;

– the singular, through the absolutely unique forms by which we express this common humanity thanks to our specific talents;

– the collective, through the power of sharing and co-creation that unfolds on a large scale when each of us, aware of being the bearer of the living, offers it to the world by letting our singularity shine through.

It is by embodying these three dimensions in a conscious, free and assumed manner that each of us can discover and implement the imprint and the meaning that s/he will offer to the world, and thus take her/his full place as a co-creator of new universes.

Eve berger-grosjean

PhD in education sciences, associate professor at the Université du Québec, Rimouski (UQAR), coach and trainer, psychomotricist of initial training, Ève Berger-Grosjean is a specialist in the place of the body in the processes of learning, interaction and change. The common thread of her research is the explicitation of the path of meaning emerging from a conscious relationship with the manifestations of the living within the interiority of the body, as well as its possible applications in research and coaching practice.

Her latest work, Retrouver l’intelligence du corps : une urgence dans nos organisations et nos modes de vie (2020, Dunod), explores how to relate to the body as a space for encounter and dialogue with the living, to be inspired by it for one’s own existence and to make it participate in the life of the City via the environments we are part of.