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Kashmir yoga or ’the clear-sighted body’
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Kashmir yoga or ’the clear-sighted body’

Kashmir yoga, like focusing, emphasizes body feeling. By practice of definite movements accompanying the breath, the body becomes increasingly vibrant. This is not a person-oriented therapy, but a way of intensifying spontaneously the corporal feeling. Attention is turned on breath, which opens up to Consciouness. ‘True birth is complete absence of yourselves’1, Jean Klein writes. In her book Devenir qui je suis2 Bernadette Lamboy alludes to this more and more vibrating perception on the body, which makes possible that a phase of explanation will not be necessary for ‘crossing the mirror’. Putting together focusing and Kashmir yoga will be perhaps a way of making the human Being clearer and better rooted in its own depth. 

Shantal Rémus

After years devoted to poetic writing as well as training in classical yoga (Viniyoga with Bernard Bouanchaud), I discovered the yoga of Kashmir, a path that reconciles the power of poetic language with the exploration of the energetic body. Since then, I have never stopped deepening this path, thanks to Eric BARET and Nathalie DELAY at the beginning, and then thanks to the solitude that allowed me to have time to “listen” to my body without trying to intervene, so that the density felt could unfold into a vibration more and more global and more refined. During a workshop co-hosted with Bernadette LAMBOY, I realized that focusing and Kashmir yoga could enrich each other deeply.