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Sensation: a door towards the space of the being
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Sensation: a door towards the space of the being

Traditionally, we speak of being as a space of love. But where is this space within me, how can I inhabit it? The answer to these questions is of course the stake of any inner quest but this quest is not a mental one. The mind can give us answers about our personal history, about our conditioning, about some of our psychological aspects, but it is unable to bring us to this space of love, to the being, to the subject. Experiencing the subject is the outcome of a path. In “La Voie du Sentir” – a contemporary path founded by Luis Ansa – the first step on this path is to awaken bodily sensations. By regularly awakening them through different exercises, one will gradually dislocate the mind and create a new form of attention. Guided by sensations and by this new attention, one will then enter into a process of welcoming oneself and thus open oneself to the “presence”, to this space of peace and benevolence in which love can be born.


Robert Eymeri, clinical psychologist by training, was the founder with Yvan Amar of the Relié editions in the 90s. Interested in contemporary spirituality since his adolescence, he followed the teaching of Jean Klein then that, for more than 25 years old, by Luis Ansa. Today he is dedicated to the transmission of “the way of feeling”, founded by Luis Ansa, through meetings, conferences and publications. He notably published “Luis Ansa, the way of feeling” with the Relié editions in 2015 and “Vivre dans la beauté” with the Almora editions in 2019.