Focusing : 29th international conference

The conscious body

22nd-26th June 2022 – Lou Capitelle & Spa – Vogüé (Ardèche) – France



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2022: continuity ..and originality

A seminar not quite like others …

Of course, this Conference will include workshops and presentations by “focusers” from a range of countries, sharing their variety, originality and richness. A thousand ways to approach and practice focusing in all its diversity. 

However, this year, in order to broaden our horizons, we invite you to leave the traditional paths of focusing to discover some speakers who will focus on how the sensitive body can have its full place. We will thus be able to enrich each other.

Thank you to our practitioners for agreeing to engage in these fruitful encounters. All are initiated or trained in focusing. Thank you to everyone for their participation which makes our conference so alive. 

We will be welcoming: Shantal  Rémus, Robert Eymeri, Eve Berger-Grosjean, Donata Schoeller, Jérôme Lavens.

The conscious body


Beyond our rational and analytical knowledge, we can access another more intuitive, more creative mode of knowledge that comes out of our known and limiting patterns. This other mode reorients and reorganizes the way we think about, approach and experience “reality”.

Conference location

Lou Capitelle & Spa 

A stunning setting

Lou Capitelle & Spa welcomes you to its exceptional natural setting between the Ardèche river, rugged cliffs and opposite the listed village of Vogüé. Open all year round, Domaine Lou Capitelle offers you a unique site where meeting rooms, catering, accommodation, spa and outdoor activities are grouped together for an all-in-one seminar with tailor-made services.


Agenda: presentations and workshops

For newcomers to focusing, please note that an initiation day to this approach will be dedicated to you on the first day – Thursday, June 23, 2022 – so that you can follow the entire conference with the greatest benefit.

The agenda will be known once we have established the program with all the workshops offered. The deadline for workshop proposals is 28/02/2022. To propose your workshops click on the button below.

  Wednesday June 22nd 

6 pm

Opening night

  Thursday June 23rd



Shantal Rémus




  Friday June 24th

11 am

Robert Eymeri

3 pm

Eve Berger-Grosjean

8 pm

  Saturday June 25th

11 am

Donata Schoeller

3 pm

8 pm


  Sunday June 26th 

11 am

Jérôme Lavens



The Team

United around a common passion for focusing, our team has been working enthusiastically to organize this International Conference. They’ve been preparing for several months to ensure a unique experience in a beautiful setting and will be delighted to share the fruits of their labour. Close collaboration means we are moving forward in the same spirit in order to make this moment a unique meeting.


Bernadette Lamboy


Michel Mercuriali

Christine Groscarret

Magali Ollagnier Beldame

Nga Bui

Sylvie Liguori

Stéphane Trouillet

Nathalie Cabrita

IFEF: The European French Institute of Focusing

IFEF was created in 2004 by Gérard and Bernadette Lamboy, both Doctors in Psychology. The institute brought together people from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg. Its headquarters are currently in France.

Its mission is to explore, promote and disseminate focusing. To achieve this, IFEF organizes training courses, seminars, takes part in conferences and publishes articles. An important goal is to deepen the focusing method.

International conference





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